Watered down version of the word "Faggot"
It loses the gay connotations but keeps the general insult, closer to calling someone an idiot but much flashier.
Typically used in a friend to friend conversation as a joke.
by Brodc June 4, 2018
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Has a root in the word faggot, but dosent have anything to do with sexuality. Is meant as a term for enthusiasts of the musical genre Ska, and sounds much better than Ska-kid.
All the Skaggots were down at the punk club tonight for the show.
by GodHatesUs September 29, 2004
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A ska-loving loser.
Look at that fucking skaggot skank. What a queer.
by Nick DiFranco March 1, 2004
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Lengendary pop-punk/ska band from north of Boston. They put on the greatest live show the east coast has ever seen. Fuck the hXc scene. It needs less material and more fucking talent. Ska revival, GO!
The Skaggots fucking blew the roof off last night. Then they skanked on the remains.
by skaman May 2, 2004
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Essentially the word "Faggot" minus its typical gay connotation.

Closer resembling Clod or Idiot.
What's up Skaggot(s)?
What's up my Skaggot?
by Brodc June 4, 2018
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