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The Unofficial Streetlight Manifesto/ Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution message board where board members are allowed to discuss varied topics other than just music. A long tradition is to trick n00bies of the board into viewing a shock site (most popular and to aggrevate non-frequent users who post topics already discussed in the past.
One can join this board freely but be warned because members have freedom to post anything, from shock sites to NSFW pictures (with no warning), these are found all over the board.

it is also very kickass
some inside jokes in the Skachilles board are: Goiter Thompson,, tomas's treadmill, Kees Bees, Knapps Boom!, January 2010,Drew has it, Netherforum, The Night of the Nerg, Winter Sucks, Jeff's pedophilia, Mike Soprano's homosexuality(?), Love Handshakes, Kearby Nights
by Goiter January 22, 2007
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