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Siwoo is the sweetest person you'lol ever meet in your life. She can be evil at times but once she grasps your heart, there's no turning back...
Person 1: Isn't Siwoo awesome?
Person2: I know, I wish I had more friends like her
by SuperDuperCandie December 19, 2016
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Siwoo is the type of guy that is usually very shy and quiet at first glance, but if you really get to know him, he is really outgoing and caring. Siwoo's tend to have strong passions and will try their best in everything they do in that particular passion. Siwoo's have a lot of good traits such as kindness, trustworthy, caring, helping, smart, good looking and a good listener but they never seem to believe it. Siwoo's only keep very few close people but they really do care about those they keep close.

If you have a Siwoo in your life you are so lucky because they will help you through anything. I sure know i'm grateful for the Siwoo in my life.
person 1 : hey how is he so good at that?
person 2: he is siwoo of course he is.
by just another smile February 01, 2019
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