1. It is the female version of a bromance. The intense love shared between heterosexual females.
2. A form of female bonding.
3. A close relationship between two female to such a point where they start to seem like a couple.
Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have a total sismance. They are inseperable.
by The Queen of Sismance March 4, 2009
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the heterosexual relationship between females. It allows a lot more interaction than a bromance because they are females. "No homo" is implied.
Guy: "Hey! are you two in a relationship?"
Girl: "Nah. Are you dumb? It's a sismance. You wouldn't understand because you're a guy."

Guy: "Sismance isn't real."
Girl: "Well, neither is this relationship between you and me."
by ganadora April 17, 2011
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Shoka: Dude, those chicks are inseparable.
Other guy: Yeah, they got some serious sismance.
by Shoka00 September 3, 2009
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Sismance is a word coined by Anjali(copyright pending)
This words means the inseparable bond between two friends. This word is very powerful and you might get shouted at if you are not a very close friend of the person using this word.
Anjali 👼: I am speaking to my priyyaa teammate
Anjali 👼: can you not disturb our sismance
by PahadiInsaan September 16, 2019
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A fictional term created by the heterosexual female community, out of annoyance for the time consuming nature of their boyfriends' bromances
A weak attempt at feminism
bf: "Hey wanna come over this evening?"
gf: "Nah, I got my girl over. We're in a sismance, get over it"
bf: "What the hell? That isn't even a real thing, and it sounds really awful when you say sismance out loud. You just wish you had a bromance like me"
by p_money March 11, 2013
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1. The female version of bromance
2. Sisterly love from one female to another
3. Girl-time; Girl-talk.
My friends and I had some quality sismance today
by qualitysismance March 6, 2010
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