The most beautiful and amazing girl on earth. She can be picky ,stubborn and sometimes have an attitude. However she is still amazing . She is worth it . She is the definition of perfect.
She's such a Sirena .
by M726 August 15, 2015
Another word for wonderful, The universe and beyond, sound of the heart, sweetness of life, anything and everything, the last of the real ones.
My heart sirenas for you!
by ASCR July 2, 2021
Sirena translates into soren in greek and siren meaning mermaid
by Allopf November 27, 2018
The coolest twin sister there is...she kicks ass...literally. And she's all mine!
"Everyone should have a twin like Sirena!"
by Sabrina January 17, 2005
Sirena is a beautiful name and is one of the most beautiful name thats in Spanish. it means mermaid in English and mermaids are beautiful! Sirena's are also really beautiful!

oh her, thats Sirena
by omg i love names November 23, 2021
The act of practicing heavy BDSM and needle play with short girl who likes to call all her lovers “daddy”, likely due to daddy issues, while her dogs watch confused in the corner.
Alex was about engage in some Dirty Sirena with the girl we met at the bar last night, but he bailed as soon as she called him daddy.
by holanina July 1, 2020
The most amazing mysterious girl you will ever meet, she can brighten your day or crush it within just a few words. If you meet her either grab hold or move out tha way cuz she be going places with or without you or anyone else. She loves her pokemon and her skittles but doesn't easily like to give them away. Having this amazing girl i your life makes it twenty times better while always adding in her own flare of Sasse attitude. Has some trust issues from the people in her past hurting her but if you really try and use some pixie dust you can get her to hopefully open up to you and then it will be the best time of your life and you better cherish that shit
Erin MotherFucking Wrae Goddamn Sirena Sasse is so amazing she is worth 20 million chuck norrises
by Eggzrgud January 17, 2013