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A super villain who makes his home on Gaia Online. He like to Role play. He hates Hexagon, whom is his arch rival. His most known feature is his hair which sticks up and is golden like someone from DBZ.

His RP Profile:
Sir Jing is the son of an Egyptian God Set/Seth and a Japanese Meta-Human woman, neither of whom he heard from until after he had spent the first eight years of his life in an orphanage. When his Meta-Gene manifested, revealing his power over electromagnetism, he put his resentment for his parents, as well as his own natural capacity for evil, to work by attacking the Chatterbox in a series of random, violent acts. One day, he was caught in the act by Hexagon, who managed to stop him. As soon as Sir Jing saw the famed hero, he knew it was his calling in life to destroy him. He dedicated himself to supervillainy and Hexagon’s destruction, taking up the name Sir Jing in honor of his powers.

In addition to his complete mastery over electricity and magnetism, Sir Jing utilizes a pair of highly advanced gliderwings that allow him to fly at speeds and altitudes nearly on par with natural fliers. He also has a robotic eye, implanted after a battle with Hexagon that went terribly wrong, that functions as one of the world’s most powerful super computers, with bioscan and xray capabilities as well as the advantage of a radar system that informs Jing of incoming attacks in advance.
That guy hates you so much. He's like Sir Jing and you're Hexagon.
by Fernando Rosso March 31, 2009
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