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Sinian is a name from early Irish roots. It means "Man at birth." People with the name Sinian are most commonly believed to be cursed. The curse is most commonly for the boy to have to grow up in a man's position. Usualy the father is taken out of the picture, and the young boy must take the man's role in the family.Sinains are very trustable people, and trust more than they should. Sinians are also very hard to manipulate. They always call bluffs, but the easiest way to win one over is to honestly tell him you love him. Sinains are also amazing lovers. It's just hard to become his lover. But well worth it.
"His dad is dead." "Mabye he has the Sinian curse."

"Oh my god he's amazing in bed!" "Yeah his name should be Sinian."
by Ashley Optimist November 03, 2011
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Sinian is a name that comes from two distinctly different cultures. The first is Ireland's culture in which Ian means John, and the Japanese language where Sin means saint. Sinian means St. John.
This name is very uncommon, but is only given to attractive boys. Every Sinian to date has been an athletic and smart man, who is abnormally gifted in bed. They all fight for family, and their close friends. They win almost all engagements wether they be physical or mental. Most seem invinsible, but their largest weakness is a beautiful young woman, overly attractive eyes, and biting.
"He is so hot, and I heard he was amazing in bed."
"Oh my, he should've been named Sinian."

"Tony's in the hospital"
"Well, he should not have messed with Sinian's brother."
by Persistent Destiny October 16, 2013
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