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when your doing something bad but you know your still a good person. even if you feel very dirty
ex: hey wanna fuck? im bored
jake: idk it's kinda late
ex: omg i forgot how pathetic you are, i can't believe stacey still puts up with that bullshit
jake: you know I'll do it, in fact we can stay up all fucking night
ex: all night? mmm now that's the jake i know.
jake: so, your place?
ex: yea like always dumbass..
jake: smh bitch
(inner thoughts: ) damn i can't believe I'm out here fucking my ex girlfriend, i hope that doesn't make me a bad person
ex: hehe your still good
jake: yea i know
ex: everything ok?
jake: this is kinda weird but...
ex: were not getting back together
jake: i wasn't gonna ask that!
ex: damn ok, then what is it?
jake: does it make me a bad person that i snuck out of my house and had sex with you?
ex: idk i guess you have to look at the sinclarity in the situation

jake: ok..
ex: yes you did sneak out n shit but that doesn't mean your going to keep sneaking out afterwards, your a good guy
jake: wow i didn't know that, thanks rachel
rachel: yea whatever next time shut up so i can sleep
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by jaden forest December 14, 2018
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