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Is the most best person in the world. like nobody could replace how great a friend she is. And is one of the most prettiest girls in the world.Every boy would date her she is so pretty. She has really dirty blond hair and any boy would be lucky to date her.She will have ur back if someone is bullying you.She will always make you happy when your sad.Also makes you feel like you could tell her anything. Is trust worthy and dependable .She would fight for you if anything and she would get in trouble for you. You can tell her anything and she wouldn't tell not even one person even your deepest darkest secrets she would keep. She is Hispanic and talks in Spanish when you get her mad and sometimes speaks in English too. All her friends love her as family. And if you have a Sinae in your life you are really lucky.
Sinae-"What's wrong,is anyone doing something mean to you.You tell me I will fight them."
Nayaliz-"No people just make me mad in life."
Sinae-"Tell me who I will talk to that person and get his head straight. "
by Best-Hispanic April 07, 2017
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Sinae's are usually blond and beautiful girls that love the beach and are one of the most amazing people to be around and be friends with. She will always laugh at your jokes and is really gunny herself but will NEVER pick a guy over her friends. All the guys love her because she is known for her good looks, charm and hot body. If you know a Sinae....keep her.
Guy: Hey Sinae, do you want to go out to the movies this weekend with me?

Sinae: Sorry I'm catching up with the girls
by justamazingthings December 13, 2011
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the dopest chigga in central Fl niggaa!
"whoa man its fuckin chigga sinae !!!
by John February 09, 2005
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