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(1) The act of converting a formally planned project with approved documentation and structure into something that now resembles the innards of tin of Heinz Spaghetti.

(2) The abililty to write a complete sentence of drivel without punctuation or in any particular order, and send it out to a large audience within ones organisation.

(3) Acute Simonitis is the ability to write such a sentence defined in (2) and then to further produce a second diatribe to a slightly different but equally large audience, with the second diatribe completely at odds with the first.
(a) An example of simonitis in action: "So is was what happen to the next phase before the delivery in effect what is going to be late and no changes, is thats okay ?"

(b) An example of simonitis in action: "As part of the end of project closure for the end of the project, where going to bring the en tyre project team to a rendishun by Crosby Stills and Young and Nash and Young. And Stills."

(c) An example of a previous sufferer of the end result of simonitis: "Are we in agreement about the next phase of the project, or do you want to Simonize that ?"
by frankbones February 09, 2007
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