A person who will inevitably become a sex goddess.
In my afterlife, I want to be a Simmi.
by Afterlife Nerd September 11, 2010
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one who is perfect, flawless, seeming to have been meticulously engineered by someone.
"I hate the Cullens, They are so beautiful, have tons of money, and they are so simmy..."
by Urban Dictionary, wiki November 1, 2012
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The literally definiton of sweetest bean on earth that has a precious elegant voice that can make any man or woman weak.
Your being such a simmy right now!
by SweerSyrup August 10, 2018
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Simmy is perfection...
1) She is extremely intelligent and creative and is a complete badass but on the inside is a softy...
Adding to that she is a great leader and really mature.
2)Simmy is extremely loyal and can be trusted as a friend or girlfriend : she will never cheat, lie or trick you. Also, she is really supportive and trusts people who are Loyal to her.
3) She is perfect!
She has a mesmerising smile and seductive eyes and an amazing body and makes other girls envy .In addition, she always attracts attention without even trying!
4) She is brave and fearless but can sometimes be a bit too hyper and over dramatic when excited.
5) She is sometimes sensitive towards criticism but is strong and able to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and rebuild herself.
7) She is musical and artistic and has multiple talents
So overall, Simmy is perfect and talented.

So hug a Simmy and tell her so...
a: Did you see Simmy?
b: yeah. she's so hot


A: Letting go of Simmy was the hardest thing

b: You were lucky to have her but you just threw her away...
I loved simmy the most I wished I had a friend like Simmy
by NATHAN FEARON August 9, 2021
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An Awesome person, a awesome friend one of the best you will meet.but is shit at life :)
man one of my friends is a total Simmy, but i love her.
by RMB R1 May 22, 2008
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