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Shiiirrt, this is the town, it's like smack down in the middle of the incredibly small Jutland in the even smaller country Denmark, (who like screwed up big time at the cop-15)

Silkeborg, or Silkebronx is like the only place in Denmark with elevations which might just look a tat like mountains, and the valleys between these hills are filled with water, and known as the Silkeborg Lakes, and it is basically what there is in Silkeborg.

The place is filled with rich bankers, who can afford a nice house a one of the 8 billion lakes, and their small puny dogs.
1: He lives in Silkeborg.
2: Were the hell is that?
1: In Denmark!
2: Were the hell is that?
by Dude it is him May 09, 2011
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Silkeborg is a town i Denmark. The word "Silke" means silk and "Borg" is directly translated as "Castle". So it's The Silk Castle.
It is commonly known as the Silk City by Danes, but since all Danes are drunk all the time, it comes out as "Siflbrurg"

Silkeborg is also known for it's music, such as the Death Metal bands Crematoria and Dawn of Demise, but also Alphabeat have their origin there.

To define Silkeborg is easy. The true definition is "The City of violent people in fast cars" and nothing else.
Hey, i was in Silkeborg yesterday, and those guys beat me up and drove off in their Dodge Charger!
by Mr. Dane May 21, 2011
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