A phrase said by T Series fans to try to make fun of Pewdiepie and their fans for trying to be #1 spot on YouTube for ever.
Indian: T series
MemeReviewer54: Pewdiepie!
Indian: P gay
by Pew die die die... February 9, 2019
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A Public Display of Gayness, or gay affection. A variation of P. D. A (Public Display of Affection),
That guy is rubbing that other guy's back in front of that restaurant... wait, now they're making out, it's a full on P. D. Gay!
by Dickie Bundle July 26, 2010
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An area in jamaica plain (boston neiborhood). where a homosexual community is being established.
Boy 1: yo gay p is da only white neighborhood in Jamaicaplain

Boy 2: yea all the rich people live their. and the gay people
by BeeShizzle August 22, 2006
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A term to describe an A.P. (Advanced Placement) course in school that sucks because of one of the following:
1. poor teachers
2. a shitload of homework
3. being graded extremely vigorously
4. being graded extremely vigorously while the normal class is stupid easy.
Man, taking Gay P European History was the worst decision ever! The teacher is horrible and he assigns like 2 hours of homework a night! Even further, he grades like a total asshole and even the best student gets a solid B. And the worst part of all of it is that I work my ass off to get a C+ in Gay P Euro, but over there pothead Kyle gets to breeze by regular Euro with like an hour of homework a week and an easy A. This is bullshit!!!
by laxbro69420 March 22, 2011
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Gay P is slang for Gay Porn. Gay porn is when two of the same gender have sex. For example, if it were men having gay sex, it could include of one man shoving his utter horse cock into another dudes wide spread creamy asshole, a man shoving his cock down another guys throat till he gargles, and intensely jerking off another guy till that bitch cums.
I love watching gay p it makes me horny.
by crossed-yo-ankeles-bro69696969 October 26, 2022
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