a tall caring guy. if you try and mess with him he will hurt you. but sometimes if you are part of a social hierarchy then he will be scared. he is a classic playa. but if he finds the right girl he can tend to her needs and wants. he enjoys listening to rock and heavy metal. he has a big dick and loves girls. he has anger issues and loves to play video games. makes OK grades in school and enjoys working with tech and drumming. he is very nice if you treat him right. he is very forgiving because he doesnt give a shit about much in the world.
girl: Fuck ME SILAS.
Silas: ok
girl2: silas i just want you to cuddle me. im not about that naughty stuff.
silas: ok
by poat_man_yt September 26, 2019
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the condition or state when somebody is thinking highly of himself but he is actually a freaking dumbass.
-This guy is always tweeting dumb shit y'all!

- I know, right? But he doesn't get it, he is so much silas.

- Don't be such a silas! I told you, this is a terrible idea to say in public
by telw_diorismo February 07, 2020
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Silas is an amazing guy. He is always there for you and loves you honest. He is emotional and sensitive, but a real man. He will always protect you. He makes you smile always, also if you’re sad.

He likes to play video games and loves sweets.

Silas is the most sweet and loving person you will ever meat.

Never let Silas go or hurt him.

I love you Silas. ❀️
A: He is the greatest in the world
B: I know, he is a Silas.
by Lalelunaa October 16, 2020
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Kick ass character from the Da Vinci code, also an albino catholic monk.
The only reason to read the Da Vinci code is just for Silas, because he is the best character.
by toee May 20, 2006
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(shemale) That nudist that likes to show his junk in your face. Has such a small dick. Likes to rip people's pubes off with his teeth.
He pulled a Silas on me!
by Hugh_Vag March 22, 2018
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