A vision, how a mind sees the world.
Ganja has restored my sight. It has given me a new vision upon the world.
by foo November 10, 2003
1. A one's vision.
2. An Area one can view.
1. Oh no! Suzy's hit in her eyes and has lost her sight!!
2. Yes Sir! No enemy in my sight.
by Unknown November 10, 2003
On sight means that when you have beef with some body you automatically fight them. There is NO talking it out
"Yo girl when I see her ima beat that bitch ass on sight!"
by Tiffany_Knows October 11, 2018
A phrase you use to tell a person once you see them no word will be spoken, but hands will be thrown
by Dark_KÍng March 9, 2020
To inform someone that you WILL engage in a serious physical altercation with them WHENEVER, WHERE EVER & AROUND WHOM EVER upon YOUR eye contact of their PRESENCE without ANY discussion .
Since you keep talking about me, Im knocking you out ON SIGHT.
by Corrynthia August 12, 2019