A drink that is for blacking out, its a 40 Oz of any beer that you drink halfway and fill it up with a four loko.
Yo do you want to play edward forty hands with sidewalk slammers and blackout?
by Blackout Nixon October 15, 2018
A drink that will get you shit faced faster than you can say "oompaloompa". Basically, passing around 40s of Steely until you hit the bar code and then refilling it with Sparks. Tastes nasty, but you get drunk to the point that it doesn't matter.
After killing the second sidewalk slammer, Tim and Jane had blackout drunken sex and woke up the next mourning in one another's barf.
by OrangePuma June 17, 2009
A 40 of steel reserve drank down to about the label with a sparks poured in. (not mickeys) Mickeys with sparks is a rowdy irishman. (an sparks is a steel company drink)
by Chevron211 October 7, 2008
A raging punk band from Ojai California that have tasty licks, and killer riffs, with influences such as RKL, Excel, Bad Brains, Annihilation Time, and Holier than thou?. Currently playint shows around southern california.

Band Members:
Jay nip-vox screecher, skateboading nipple header
Kentagram-shred solo's from hell
Nancy-guitar thrasher riffmaster
Theodore lll-Bass lick Pabtskiller
Failure-drum player, neckbreaker.
Sidewalk Slammer played the shittiest set I've ever heard.
by FaceFullOTruble June 28, 2010
Bay Area Based drink common with punk kids. A 40oz of Mickey's/Old E drunken halfway down with a can of Sparks mixed in.
by Das Nekroripper 510 Bluh February 11, 2008
A alcoholic beverage consisting of a 40 drunken down to the label and a can of tilt or sparks. Best (according to me) when made with old-e or 211 and a can of orange tilt (green is nasty as hell). this drink is great and will fuck you up surprisingly fast
sidewalk slammer = $2 for a 40 + $3 for some tilt.........holy shit $5 just fucked me up!
by longdongblack July 21, 2010
When you drink half of a 40 and pour a sparks into the 40(Miller High Life is preferred) for optimal flavor. Taste great, gives good buzz. Cheap!
I had two sidewalk slammers last night and woke up naked in a field!!!!!!!
by Toby Levin January 19, 2008