Basically a man who wants to be with a female, but can't because she's in a relationship already so all he can do is just flirt, talk and do sexual things with her on the low.
I want her but her she's still in love with her boyfriend so I have to be her side nigga.
by Jfxk August 28, 2017
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If she hiding you... you a side Nigga
Him: who the hell is James

Her: that’s my cousin

The friend: you know damn well that’s your side nigga
by Niggalations360 April 5, 2021
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A guy a woman's dating in a very limited sense, i.e., a man who's just there "on the side", to fulfil the girl's sexual rather than actual emotional/romantic needs.
If your girl doesn't want you in her Snapchat pictures, you're a side nigga.
by Doc_B May 1, 2015
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A male on the side who's purpose is but not limited to free food, paying for hair and nails, pick up and drop off and sometimes sex. Not to be confused with "just a friend" and should never aim for boyfriend status.
My man busy but I'm hungry so my side nigga bringing me food.
by Skwkwks May 22, 2019
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a male who is in a limited relationship with someone. The relation ship may involve feelings and spending time together but it is sacred and the lady may already be in a committed and known relationship.
I spend holidays with my man, but the weekends with my side nigga.
by theMistress November 17, 2014
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A man that has either been friend zoned or is trying his hardest to get into a girls pants even though he knows she is into someone else. He will do a specific activity with her all the time but has very little Chance of becoming her man.
Yo, that chick be angry at her side nigga cuz he wouldn't shop with her and she be giving her main nigga problems
by Zoomonster February 5, 2014
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When he been the side nigga for so long that once he becomes the main nigga he still think he the side nigga.
I was Alisha side nigga for so long that when I got with Victoria I thought she was playing me as the side nigga and ruin my relationship because I was paranoid. That when I knew I was suffering from side nigga syndrome.
by Jayzuri March 6, 2016
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