A manly beastly facial hair which protrudes along the face downwards.
by MAtt Lawson May 06, 2003
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when a roll up,fag or spliff only burns on one side.
oh shit, i've got a side burn on my joint
by barry July 22, 2003
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Judging or criticizing a man because of his side burns and/or facial hair.
Jordan: Look at that dude. He's a douche bag because he has a goatee.
Garrett: Dude, Stop Side Burning
by José Wanahumpalota December 11, 2011
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the beautifull pieces of hair below your shaft but above your balls
i havent shaved in a while so im packing some dick side burns
by tittage meister November 19, 2013
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A 30 year white virgin with a heavy beard wants to met someone new so they clean shave there beard but forget to shave there side burns and they look fuckin retarded
“Yo mr Phillips is a deviled egg with side burns

“I know sad right”
by Tyrone911 January 08, 2019
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The term 'dirty side burns' originated in the porn industry, particularly films involving ass-to-mouth (ATM) action. It describes the intentional act of leaving a shit 'lamb chop side burns' on a partner's face by the dude taking his cock out of his partners ass and slapping it back and forth across her face without wiping it off first. The result is that as the dick is slapped across her cheeks, shit it comes to rest on his partners face in a 'lamb chop side burns" configuration.
After he fucked her in the ass, he smacked his dick back and forth across her face, giving her dirty lamb chop side burns.
by Binky 10-43 October 22, 2017
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Invisable demigods who have sex on mountain tops with demons and abuse hallucinagenic drugs. Like Hippies but cooler and better raqppers Also see sideways Burnout underground hip hop fat caps ghosts samurai subgenius the sidewayz burnoutz sidewayz burnoutz mayan prophecy 2012 planet x
the side ways burn outs live in thin air and eat dead bodies of telemarketers under tables in New York city subways tunnels.
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