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Used to describe a large overreaction to a fairly unimportant/ irrelevant event.
"Clayton, the gig is not till tuesday don't siddle"

Phil lost his place in the queue for the hot dogs and threw a complete siddle.
by Peter_Anderson June 07, 2010
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Verb: to appear next to someone out of no where
Noun: One who is partakes in siddling
I felt as if there was a siddler around.
He was siddling the man around.
by Jeremy Arca January 08, 2008
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tight; sick; damaged; brutal; raw; faught; polar; image; nestea; brittle; penguin; poky; tripped
of all the siddle-ass things to say...
don't siddle, just give me some lovin
that's siddle!
no siddle?
by raw October 20, 2003
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1. A weird friend, aquaintance, or person.

2. Somebody who doesnt fit in.

3. Someone who is awkward no matter what they're doing, They'll always be awkward.
Ex. 1:Yo man, why you standing there like a siddle?

Ex. 2: What the fuck is wrong with you? I was about to get some pussy then you came in here looking like siddle.

Ex. 3: Why do you hang out with siddle?

Ex. 4: Fuck man, Why are you acting a siddle?

Ex. 5:

Guy1:Haha, look at that weird guy.
Guy2:Yea man, thats definately a siddle.

Ex. 6:

Guy1: Alright man im gunna go home for lunch.
Guy2: What the hell man? Im not gunna sit here and eat lunch all alone like siddle..Fuck.
by Cupcakez October 25, 2010
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