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A Shvets is a giant ass. There are 10 types of Shvets. They range from a scale of 1-10 on the Shvets meter. A 1 is a person that has NO ass or no Shvets. All the way to a 10 which is Is a hard breed to find. You don't see many Shvets that are 10s. So next time your on the street with your friends, and you see a nice Shvets, make sure you take a good look at it.

Most Shvets are in leggings, once in a while a Shvets does not wear leggings, but that's like a fat kid not eating - very rare.
That is one nice Shvets. That's an 8.Shvets
by Shvety May 30, 2011
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Root: German Way of saying "sweet" in a sarcastic way; sarcastic term showing you really don't care
"Yo dude I just got an IPhone!"
"Shvet dude I've had one for 2 years now."
by Chad Brozilowski October 06, 2011
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noun. person who over-prepares for every aspect of life. See nerd. verb. shvetzin'.
Dude, I didn't do my paper last night and that fucking shvets wrote 20 pages.

No wonder she has mad job offers, she was shvetzin' all last semester.
by J. Lich April 15, 2008
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