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Beautiful girl, sick chat and 1 ur so blessed to have in ya life. Puts a smile on peoples faces and deserves to have the same love received. But beware this gyaldem can be fierce if u step on her wrong side n 1v1 smash ur ass (I warned u) She’s also so obsessed w Tesco’s but it’s ok coz u got the first date planned out then (;
that shuyi girl is SICKKKKK fam!!?!?!!
by Marniex May 15, 2018
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(n.) a Shuyi loves breaking hearts so take high precautions when approaching one! Usually only mates with freshman, preferably of the Steven species.
"Look it's a Shuyi and a Steven!!!!!!"
"Damnnn it's 'bout to get craaay up in here! "
by bootyliciouszzsz December 12, 2011
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A hot/cute girl that can blow your ass off cause that's why you don't have one.
by youranusmydear July 09, 2018
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