As opposed to the classic blumpkin where you are receiving head while shitting, she is shitting while you receive a blowjob!
Schuyler: yo this girl just sucked my cock while she was shitting!
Schuyler: YEA and I blew my load in her hair
by Moos3mon3y November 19, 2016
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the act of receiving a blow job while the giving party, the one giving the blow job is defecating,
dude sherly gave me a shumpkin, she was totally takin a dump and sucked me off
by that1guy` September 02, 2010
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Stealing a pumpkin on Halloween, shitting in it, and dropping it off at someone else's house
I just gave the neighbors next door a fat shumpkin
by grizzlybear1024 June 07, 2018
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