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A clever combination of the words "Shit" and "Fuck" that is said to have originated from Scartown. It is often used during moments of extreme disappointment or to denote that someone has committed an act of stupidity.
Person A and Person B are walking down a dark alleyway in Scartown, when Person A steps into some fresh dog shit.

Person A: SHUK!
Person B: Hahaha! What a Shuk.
by Mr. Magma March 01, 2012
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Shuk is an ugly fat bum crack of a twat who normally talks poo 100% of the time. He has some handsome days. I.e many females fall in love for him real quick. He has a bit of a gay side to him which many boys love as he sucks jellyfish dick.
Shuk: Hi baby want to come mine

Girl: I'm sorry I'm busy I need to attend a baptism

Shuk: I'm home alone
Girl: I'm there.
by Unknown Smith August 10, 2016
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