The Maknae of the K-Pop group, (G)I-DLE, adorable, was shy but turned into a confident little tiger, gay for soojin, she finally got lines uh-oh era!!
(G)I-DLE: Shuhua you really have improved your confidence

Shuhua: thank you!
by cherrieslovekpop December 21, 2019
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The most beautiful and adorable Yeh Shuhua is the Maknae of the kpop group (G)I-DLE. As an idol, she is so talented already but has still grown immensely as a performer and still continues to grow. She is know for being the #1 Soojin fan, a confident queen, and a beautifully wise philosopher. Yeh Shuhua talks back to the haters and protects her members. She will never conform to the idol/beauty standards and we love her for that <3
"Wouldn't it be sad if you lost your true self?"- Yeh Shuhua
by cyphershuyoo November 08, 2020
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