Shrikant is a doremon.He likes movies like Ek Deewana tha.He is so clever but lazy too.He likes football so much.A dog lover. Very hard to understand.!
Friendship of nobita and Doremon will lasts forever shrikant
by Anudorya January 9, 2023
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He is my best friend !, best person i have ever met.He likes Jessie from Ek Diwana tha. He always hide his true feelings. Strongest handsome soul who likes waterfalls the most. He is biggest dog lover in the world. He likes to make me angry all the time.
Shrikant is always there for me in my bad times
by Anudorya August 22, 2022
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He thinks he is unique but he really isn't. He's a sweet guy and very cool guy. He's always very helpful and never throws you under the bus unless his life is at stake.
He makes an awesome bro! Also gets very frequently bro-zoned a lot though.
I always wanted a Shrikant in my life couldn't do anything without one
by Brokoli1189 November 24, 2021
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Shrikant is a smart boy who helps people he has a bright future
by December 16, 2021
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Shrikant is a kind of person who will be nice to you , help you out with everything but turns out to be a traitor in your time of need
He is a Shrikant
by Predator 9359 November 24, 2021
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Extremely studious guy who is only focused on his career and growing himself. Least interested in any distractions that can be harmful to his body or mental health. Cracked kvpy, iit-jee, upsc, srmjee, bitsat, viteee, net ugc, cet in the same year.

Body : six packs, well built back, legs and arms. Hits the gym everyday at 5 am sharp.
I want to like shrikant. He is such an idol.
by Doyoungpabo November 22, 2021
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The most perfect human out there.

P.S I wrote this from sympathy, don't get flattered
Oh my lord, look at shrikant, the human form of perfection
by Joahehe November 23, 2021
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