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Shrak (verb, Newburghese): to wildly, inappropriately revel in the awkwardness, misfortune and despair brought on by the situation of one's post-collegiate life. Also "Shrakish," "Shraking," "Shrakingly,' "Shraked."
I'm trying to decide whether to shrak at the bar tonight, or sit at home and watch bad television.

I had a shrakingly good time last night, but you're just not my type.
by YouWishYouWereMe17 February 08, 2010
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The crude way of referring to the excrement of any creature by the orcs and uruk-hai of Mordor. Essentially the orc version of the human word "shit", orcs often use this word as an insult to individuals they don't particularly like. Whether it be a pinkskin, a worthless Uruk, or even a stinking caragor, nothing is exempt from being called a piece of shrak by the high-classed, puke-skinned denizens of Mordor. Especially that worthless shrak Hura the Diseased. Weakling couldn't even handle three arrows being shot at him at the fighting pits.
"I heard that if you drink blood from a drake you'll get special powers. I drank from a puddle of drake blood after a battle once and all it did was make me shrak myself." - Golm Head-Chopper, an orc captain from Nurnen

"Eat shrak, you shrak-eating shrak." - Ukrom Man-Breaker, an orc captain from Minis Ithil
by I Give Anal October 07, 2018
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