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someone in love with, or a devoted fan of, the band Showbread

A term derived from an internet article claiming the band was homosexual (which they are not)

Intended to be used in a fun or joking manor, and not serious in any way.
Have you heard Showbread's new album? I swear, it's turning me into a Showmosexual"
by ShowbreadSuperFan August 15, 2009
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1. A person who becomes sexually attracted to others who bought the Premium cable movie package and engages in an intimate relationship because they have SHOWTIME an a place to crash. The need to watch the weekly exclusive series overrides any innate sexual preference or drive to a given gender. This is often a temporal transformation that only lasts a few seasons or until the illegal cable hookup gets shut down.

2. In more general terms, a person or persons that may enter a relationship or cohabitate for the express purpose of sharing their cable subscription which gives them access to exclusive SHOWS, television series, or sporting events. This may include one or all of the following premium, basic or sport cable packages such as; Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, AMC, FX, etc...
Lincoln Park Chad: "Bro, she living with you now!? I thought she was a lesbian yo."

Lincoln Park Bro: "Yeah man, so did I. Turns out she's a total SHOWMOSEXUAL and she's broke as a joke. So I upgraded my cable to a Premier service for $150 a month to get that new Twin Peaks series, cuz she's way into that weird David Lynch shit. Next thing I know she's DTF and shacking up with me in my single bedroom studio. She's really good with fixing things around the apartment and we're both into lesbian porn too. So, you know, bonus there. Am I right?"
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by Locum Rex January 18, 2017
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