To flamboyantly show a positive presence for oneself or a group one is related to.
Damn, Ricky is showing out in that candy Lambo.

Mike Conley showed out for The Grizzlies tonight with 31 points.
by brentigon August 28, 2018
The act of being foolish, ignorant and just plain dumb in public.
Look at Greg storming off and cussin after that little misunderstanding
Yeah, he's showing out.
by You know me, The Kid! April 28, 2011
In sports, when an athlete has a superlative (if he is a star) or uncharacteristically good (if he is a lesser/role player) performance. Usually applied to fantasy teams, but can be used in a general sense as well.

Synonym- blow up
Antonym- ho' out

1. The Star

Fantasy Football Player 1 (mimicking Denzel): "King Kong ain't got nothin on me!"

FFP2: "Get outta here man, I would have beaten you by at least 10 points if Adrian Peterson hadn't showed out with over 300 yards."

2. The Role Player

Fantasy Basketball Player 1: "What are you talking about, Eric Dampier gets 20 points, 10 boards, and 5 blocks all the time"

FBP2: "Quit lyin to yourself. Those numbers are Erica's biggest showout in like 10 years"

3. The Non- Fantasy Player

Stephen Curry baby--puttin Davidson on his back with a 40 point show out. How you like them apples??

4. Famous Usage

Brendan Haywood, center for the Washington Wizards, screaming in the face of 20-year-old Andray Blatche in the pregame introductions of one of Blatche's first starts:

"Show out or Ho' out!"
by ABeazy March 22, 2008
To act out of character usually to get attention or because one is upset.
"You see me party with some other bitch, and you wanna show out" 50 Cent-After My Chedda
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 27, 2005
1. To show up at a party/location when it is among many options for that night.

2. Alternate/Less Played out way of saying roll up.
guy: Where are you and that cute roomie of yours gonna be tonight?

girl: Oh, I think we're gonna be at Morgan's bday party--it's her 21st so we're all gonna be rowdy. You wanna come, it's at Old Glory?

guy: Drunk hotties? Yeah I'll definitely show out for that.
by ABeazy August 11, 2007
similar to show off, but usually meaning a failed attempt to impress others.
"Yo, check out my rag chevy! Man, you just showing out."
by Andy Mack April 11, 2005
When you go to Taco Bell and they fuck up your order and you go all jerry springer on their ass.
We almost went to the strip club but when we swung by tbell, the chick from surf city showed out over some enchiladas and we just all bailed.
by GatewayDrug September 22, 2014