Andray is a brilliant, kind hearted person who will always make your day and help you out when you need them they are, kind loyal and sweet unless you make them bitter they don't hate anyone for no reason they hate people who bully others to make themselves feel better they hate people who hurt others and most of all they hate lying cheaters
Andray got in between to people and stopped them from fighting
by Broken_but_its_fine February 8, 2020
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Andrais' are often sons of Felipes'. See Felipe. Andrais comes from Greek origins meaning strong and manly. People named Andrais are quiet, thoughtful and excellent writers. Andrais' are also thespians. They tend to have a few very close friends but get really tired of socializing sometimes and need to get away from everyone for awhile. He probably likes to grow facial hair, particularly sideburns. Andrais' like cats.
Andrais was the captain of the Titanic.
by ShoheiRyu November 20, 2019
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