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The literal translation of Douchebag, unfortunately it doesn't have as much of an impact as an insult as Douchebag even though it has the same basic meaning.
Look at those Shower bags..they think they're cool with their fifty 9 fifty hats and their pants around their ankles

You mean douche bags?

by fdsman February 17, 2010
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Used in negative terms.

Someone who lacks intelligence in certain areas. People have started calling others "showerbags" instead of the more common word douchebags.
My boyfriend just called me a showerbag for letting his antiquity out of the closet
by ptbi September 14, 2010
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Meaning in french Douche Sac (or bag)
In america it means a bag a woman douches in.
which some people also say douche bag means a bag of douche when really it translates to a Shower bag.
Look at that shower bag he thinks hes so cool.
by Jills S2 November 14, 2006
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