Live commentaries, normally of video games such as Starcraft 2. Normally requires A LOT OF SHOUTING. Hence the name....derp
Totalbiscuit, Day 9, and Huskystarcraft are all shoutcasters
by The Laddergoat May 29, 2011
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A live commentator for video games in e-sports. Originally named after the SHOUTcast plugin for WinAmp which was used for early live internet audio streams of e-sports matches, the term was generalized and now refers to the commentator role in general. The job is often split into the roles of play-by-play caster and analyst, as with American Football broadcasters.
Commentary in Counter-Strike is provided by a team of shoutcasters.
by novaq March 26, 2018
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A streaming audio format developed by Nullsoft for streaming mp3 audio over IP-based networks.
I set up a Shoutcast server so everyone could hear and see my musical interests.
by Spirit Bear February 2, 2004
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Arguably the best Internet radio service around. Less restrictions and advertisements than Pandora. And there are stations in almost every genre you can imagine.
I listen to indie rock stations on shoutcast.
by beatniks January 13, 2010
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