5 definitions by rap and rock

a slang word for "you all" it sounds cooler
by rap and rock January 30, 2005
it decribes bordeom or not caring whotsoever. it can also decribe in both real life and the wierd tv show spongebob squarpants saying somthing worthless
hey sup bla last night i bla and also bla the bla bla bla bla (who cares)0_o
by rap and rock January 30, 2005
maening house or place to hang out
lets all go to the hizzie
by rap and rock January 31, 2005
a animal that is spotted with black or brown spots (the brown for chchocolate cows) yummmmmmmmmm beef
moo more moo poop lots of poop that smells like crap because it is crap
by rap and rock February 13, 2005
a magizine that has a couple o crappy comics (yu-gi-oh,dragon ball z) but is still awsome
manga freak1: hey did u get the new issue of shonen jump? manga freak2: i sure did! did u read the "one piece" that guy don krieg is pretty cool
by rap and rock March 7, 2005