Music that focuses on getting stuck in your head and becoming so ubiquitus that you are forced to like it or else you will have clinical depression from hearing it so much. This music is almost always made by humans who are often called musicians (but in all truth, are not musicians) who manipulate their image for monotary reasons. This music often focuses on sounding much more technological than musical. Much pop and hip-hop to enter the top 40 has been mainstream crap since the '00's.
person 1: Man, Lady Gaga, The BEP, and other mainstream crap has been all over the place, it makes me want to commit suicide

person 2: I use to think the same thing, but now the music has grown on me

person 1: Nooooooooo! You failed in the battle to not get that music stuck in your head to the point where you have to like it! What has become of this world
by Suteer Yarchaz January 16, 2010