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This game is more so in effect while drinking alcohol, but can be played whenever. You get one Shoenice per night - per person and this means at any point in the night you can tell that person they got shoeniced, therefore they have to drink the rest of the drink in their hands. Be careful who you Shoenice because they can get you right back! This game derived from the popular Youtube stunt artist Shoenice22 who drinks whole bottles of 151 and crazy shit like that.
Shoenicing - the act of, Shoeniced - after the act
Justin: Dude you been chillin on that beer all night, i'm gonna have to Shoenice you
Frank: SHOENICE!!! (chugs bottle)
Justin: Haha I already Shoeniced you once tonight, you're flagged bro.
by kevinmorf May 28, 2012
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