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generally shocking music often times shock rock bands have elaborate "shocking," stage shows like the band GWAR who dress up in "shocking," costumes and squirt blood on the audience and kill celebrities such as George W. Bush, Osama bin laden and Paris Hilton.

also refers to bands with gory, sexual, or down right nasty lyrics like the band Cannibal Corpse who sing songs like "I Cum Blood." You can already tell how graphic the lyrics in that song.

Other bands in the "Shock Rock" genre are Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P., The Mentors, The Dwarves and GG Allin.
"Damn when my mom listened th the song "Fucking an Animal" by GWAR she flipped and threw all my CD's away, now i cant listen to Shock rock"

"Dude that W.A.S.P. concert was awsome i love how Blackie Lawless spits blood, damn i love shock rock"
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A genre of music that is oriented to shock. Though it is becoming harder to shock people these days because we have "seen it already". Music is usually heavy metal (Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS) or Industrial metal (Rammstein, Marilyn Manson). But in the end its all just music. The performances were more meant to be shocking then the music itself.
Holyshit! She just pulled a tampon out of her vagina and through it into the most pit!!
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 29, 2005
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To do something so completely astounding and eye popping (shocking) it could be thought of as powerful enough to shake the ground (rocking).
A combination of "to shock" and "to rock".
You shockrock me, dude.
My book is going to shockrock the publishing world into a frenzy.
The rollercoaster was a total shockrock!
by Freeman Hall May 31, 2006
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music categorized as to shock parents.

listeners are usually pre-teens to teens that thing themselves as goth but are not.

also nu-metal

a class of shock-rockers that has "taken" the goth look and made it trendy
by Rose January 20, 2004
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