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•just a random word to say
•another present form of searching for something; snooping something out
•“I’m shnooping right now, shh!!”
•*crush asks you if you want to hang out*

SHNOOP, OF COURSE. WHAT THE HECK”(while crying tears of joy)
by gigipop November 11, 2017
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Male breasts. See also manzier and bro.
That guy with shnoops needs a man bra manzier or bro
by Timothy Anderson June 03, 2005
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1.a word for a stupid person. typically a klutz.

2. mean name for nerd, dork, or geek

3.someone who doesn't respond to mean or hurtful actions
1. (person 1 falls) person 2: your such a shnoop

2. guy 1(to the winner for a chess tournament): dude, your the bigtgest shnoop i know

3. (kid gets bullied) bully: this chick is a shnoop, let's go
by Mary Kat March 30, 2011
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