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Feces that exits the Anus in a pasty form.
I ate 2 pounds of ramen noodles and eggs, then I shitpasted all over my pants. Shitpaste often occurs after a night of hardcore drinking.
by Poop Nasty November 12, 2009
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noun. the runny, gooey, thick cream that one excretes having eaten foods upsetting to one's stomach. Such foods can include Indian, Nepalese or Mexican. Upon release of shit paste, one feels enormous relief but if done in public toilet, those in adjacent cubicles muffle a snicker as one's paste is accompanied by an egregious passing of wind (see good push).
woman: oh my lord what's that smell!?
man: sorry, love, the shit paste clung to the bowl. it didn't flush right...
woman: then what's it doing on the actual seat as well!?
man: shit happens
by bloblet August 20, 2008
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1.the kind of shit that is sticky in nature, and it seems to feel like glue coming out of your bum.
2.the kind of doodie that streaks your undies and is hard to get out, no matter how many times you throw them into the wash.
"man i feel like i have to shit like it's shit paste"

"i seem to have left a shit paste streak in my undies."
by phoenix1984 September 15, 2005
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Gives a positive review on an item/s. Can be used instead of cool/reem/amazing/good.
This paté is shit paste.

That guy is shit paste.
by Bobda builder December 09, 2013
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someone who's breath smells like shit! and you can't help but turn away in disgust as you try to get as much fresh air in as you possibly can before you collapse.
Jesus, W.T.F is that smell, oh that's just _____? breath! I think they've been using that shitpaste again. +o(
by Wandom person? April 13, 2011
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