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A shitty collection of tea that makes tea connoisseurs weep. You want that perfectly steeped cup of tea and someone gives you a bag with artificially flavored tea leaves. Screw that I'll cut the mint leaves in my backyard before I drink essence of Wilfred's asshole.
Ex 1: "I went to a brits house the other day and he was bragging up his tea collection. I was excited because by stereotype he should whip out a bunch of earl grey and sport table cubed sugar. Instead this guy opens his cabinet revealing a bunch of shitea."

Ex 2: "I'm at the local iHop eyeing up some honeys. For my tea I generally use orange blossom honey, of course. The waitress brings out my tea bag and it's some rat poison, Sam's Club blend. I slapped the tray from her hand, "What a load of shitea!"
by TeaHee February 26, 2014
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