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Unbelievably unreliable piece of shit game console created by Microsoft. 65% Failure rate pretty much says it all. Possibly the worst electronic device of all time. If you are thinking about buying a Shitbox 360, save yourself the time and misery and just flush a few hundred dollars down the toilet and jam a cinder block up your own ass.
Dude 1_my xbox 360 quit working AGAIN!

Dude 2_what's that now, like 5 times that's happened? that's what you get for buying a shitbox 360 though.
by VulvaHammer October 13, 2010
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The proper name for Microsoft's Xbox 360, addressing it's non-impressive hardware, pricey downloads, and infamous game destroyer, The Red Ring of Death.
John: What's wrong with you, Bill?

Bill: My Xbox 360 got the Red Ring of Death for the fourth time. I sent it in to Mircosoft.

John: What? I thought you sold that ShitBox 360. Buy a PS3 or a Wii, man.
by DaFunnyMan69 August 05, 2009
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The XBOX 360 Arcade. Why would someone in their right minds buy this piece of shit over the normal 360?
Is NOT compatible with basic XBOX games. So you can't play Halo or Halo 2 unless you have a computer.
Halo Master-"omg for christmas i got an XBOX 360!!!"
Loser Kid-"Aw, man all i got was the ShitBox 360..."
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To the other guy: yes xbox 360 arcade CAN play basic xbox games as long as you have a hard drive and its not shit.

Definition to Shitbox 360: some pointless name a ps3 fanboy made up that sucks and it a lame comeback.
"Hey look at my shitbox 360, it does a hell of a lot better job than my gaystation 3".
by Xbox360Fan February 03, 2009
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