An unfulfilling, tedious waste of 8+ hours of the day, five days of the week, that you only persist with in order to pay the bills and the ever mounting debt that comes from having to increase your spending in order to entertain yourself outside of working hours as you are so brain dead from the hours you spend in work.

Websites such as are becoming increasingly popular because there are so many people out there who are either in a shit job and have nothing better to do or have had a shit job which they have quit/been fired from and are now sitting around not working as they don't want to get another shit job.
by Craig September 7, 2004
Shit Job Boy or SJB for short, the guy who always gets the job nobody wants to do and is automatically given any said shit job while everyone else breathes a sigh of relief.
There are 300 cracked sewer pipes to weld this week the shit job boy is going to be busy this week.
by Drunk Wizzard December 8, 2021
When your job is primarily to solve problems caused by someone else, and the likelihood of being chewed out for mistakes by your seniors is high. Especially if dealing with those problems usually avoided by others not in the profession.

Shit catcher jobs include police and military, many IT jobs, healthcare workers and many blue collar jobs.

Shit catcher is usually the role of a semi-autonomous worker or low level manager assigned to solve problems in the field.

Your job is to fix other people’s problems but you’re also there to take the blame when things go wrong.
This customer came in with an expired coupon and raised hell so the MOD gave her the discount, then when the owner came in later she ripped into the manager for having too many discounts.

She gets shit on from both ends. She has a shit catcher job.
by SubversiveAgenda June 26, 2021