A term for one's asshole. Coined by Marc M. of Sick Animation in his song "I Ain't Scared."
"I ain't scared of shit on my dick when I'm fucking that bitch in her motherfuckin' shit slit. I ain't scared of gettin' poo on my weiner from a Mexican slut down in South Pasadena."
by Xeno January 20, 2008
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(noun) the rectum, the opening of the anus, poop-shoot, or asshole. Often referring to the receiving orifice during anal sex. Also known as a muscle-cunt in gay anal sex. This term is usually associated with a shitty-kitty or a dirty deal. But Feces need not always be present unless you are referring to a shitty slit, wherein shit is an adjective.
let Me hit that shit-slit, sit on it! (Please).

That hot Ginger’s shit-slit is pinker than Legally Blonde 2!
by JAB3 June 20, 2019
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The unpleasant result of an attempted bowel movement while one is gloriously inebriated and sitting on the stool, but while wearing long johns and being too glued up to realize the "slit" was not parted sufficiently to pass the turd, resulting in the movement being accidentally retained in the long johns and causing great ongoing grief amongst friends and famliy alike. Things like this are "why they call him Grodee".
"Grotee came back late that night, went to the men's room and shit his slit. I'm glad I didn't have to do his laundry."
by That's Why They Call Him Grodee November 30, 2003
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When the back connects directly to the legs and there is no butt at all, just a slit.
" That girl must of LMFAO way to much cause she got a shit slit!!!"
by Pmoney135 February 22, 2016
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