Something to say when you are pissed or lose a game
Alexis- *loses game on phone*

Alexis- *throws phone on table* "Shit nigger'"
by Bobert319 June 20, 2014
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SAying this is like the dsame thing as "sweet" or "cool" but this is cooler because this is the Black way of saying cool.
by BRAD December 15, 2004
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That guy smells like unwashed ass, Yea looks like a Shit Nigger to me.
by crazymofoo August 20, 2006
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A term of distress, usually said for shock value when you're mad.
My mom was shitting niggers when she found the pot stash in my bedroom.
by sanesandwich August 31, 2007
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Specifically, it means an African, since the vast majority of them are both black and lack the incredibly advanced technology of indoor plumbing, thus the need to defecate in a field. But can general be used to call someone poor in a much more creative and offensive way.
Um, yeah, I'm not going to eat at Arby's, I have money, I'm not a field shitting nigger.
by Testicle Tickler June 15, 2013
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Traditionally a southern phrase used to express grief.
Shit nigger damn, where's my ball point pen. I can't keep shit from loosing it.
by squirtmouth December 03, 2015
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