The remaining feces sprinkles on the bottom of the bowl after the toilet is flushed from taking a dump
by ScooterPants December 20, 2009
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the thin, invisible film of bacteria that coats every bathroom after flushing the toilet
Turn the faucet off with a paper towel after washing your hands so they don't get contaminated with shit dust.
by Monsternova September 29, 2010
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a derogatory term for the remnants found after a good go up the wrong 'un, (think the greenhouse scene in scum)
"JESUS CHRIST" cried Barry woefully, releasing last nights spunk bubble in shit dust

Mary only realized her son was a gay when in the course of changing his sheets, she revealed an arse droplet of spunk bubble in shit dust
by geoff peas October 14, 2007
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when you may have forgotten somthing of importance.
"oh shit and fuck dust, i meant to do that yesterday"
by jimmy the cane February 3, 2010
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