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Used to refer to or address teachers or masters of traditional Japanese arts
"That's Cooper-Shisho, he taught me martial arts."
by Jeriicho April 29, 2010
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A made up word that makes no sense. It is supposed to mean good. It's equivalent to people in Nor-Cal saying "hella." It's just dumb people not being able to express themselves..just saying words that AREN'T cool or funny!
Originated in PV,CA by some retards.
Person 1-OMG!!!! that's like so shisho!

Person 2- SHUT UP! Find a better word ugly hoe!
by M. Manson September 25, 2007
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(Adj.) Shisho- A term used to describe the indescribable; a feeling one experiences when something is too cute, too loveable, too squeezable, and releases a large amount of endorphins in the central nervous system. (Basically describing something extremely cute)
Person A shows person B her new panda bear polar bear hyrbid mix
Person B: That's so SHISHO!!!!

Everytime I hug him, I feel so SHISHO!!!!
by Mandi, and Laura December 26, 2006
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