When you take a shipping of two people (or characters) and you put their names together, creating one name for the pair that is fluent and doesn't sound weird.
Eli and Caitlyn
Caitli or Eliyn would both be good ship names because they combine the two names without the ship name being to long or hard to pronounce.
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a name given to a ship, or pairing. like a couple name but for fictional characters.
some ship names fron the homestuck fandom include
johnzee (john and gamzee)
johnkat (john and karkat)
karpeta (karkat and nepeta)
by ectobiologicalSalamnder May 27, 2012
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A name mashed with you and your bae's name
"#Marlie forever" mark - Charlie
"What's your ship name?"
by Xfinyte April 4, 2016
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when multiple names are combined to make one name it is considered a ship name.
OMG we could those two a ship name . All we have to do is combine them . I guess their ship name would be :Jaylen + Alyssa = Jalyssa
by sweetbutter_101 December 31, 2016
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e.g ship name. brooke and charli= barli or chooke

e.g ship name. brooke and will= bill
by cutiexxxxs November 18, 2018
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A mix of two peoples names. You can use this if they are dating or if you want them to me a couple. Just remember don't say it all the time because it will become over used.
Person 1: hey let's date
Person 2: okay. Whats our ship name?

Person 1 and person 2: RICK FOR RAELYN AND NICK.
by imeantitsareniceright? July 14, 2018
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A name that combines a couples two names. Usually the first letter of one name replaces the first letter of the other name.
Jessie and bill would be: bessie or jill. Thats a ship name.
by Kechup_54 March 23, 2017
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