A unit of time which equals to 2 hours
1 Shion = 2 hrs
That brat is late to her stream by 1 Shion
by PomuHub September 7, 2021
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Main character in a decently popular anime called No.6. It's a bit of a yaoi and has a suspending plot.
"Shion is too nice for his own good."
by SafirDire May 10, 2017
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A very horny teenage guy. He works hard at what he does but also likes to eat a lot of food. He has a very big heart but doesnt use it when it comes to girls. He just tries to get it in. He's probably hitting on my sister as i'm writing this.
Are you still a virgin?

No, i've met Shion.
by THERELBEAL August 23, 2013
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A tall blasian who struggles to figure out if he likes delicious creamy crispy fried chicken or rice with the side of dog more.
Shion likes men
by Skqittles March 19, 2022
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She is awesome..
pretty.. and smart... and really gorgeous girl.

She is always friendly and makes people happy. I always have fun with her.

I love Her.
Shion... She's awesome.....
by howgorgeousyouare November 9, 2018
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At the tender age of 22, Shion is an elite member of Vector Industry, serving
as the managing engineer for Vector's first development team. She is a girl
who always behaves in a positive spirit and is filled with life, as if living
for tomorrow. All this is in spite of the cruel, tragic experiences she has
gone through- Shion lost her parents in war when she was a child, and then her
first love died in an accident two years ago.

Shion is in charge of developing KOS-MOS, and her main job is the development
of the sentient software required to control KOS-MOS. Although a genius
scientist, Shion is just another member of an enterprise. Sometimes, she will
go face to face with her superiors. She starts out aboard the cruiser Woglinde
but will wind up on the cargo ship Elsa and joining her crew in action.
shion is hot
by johnathan gibbs January 6, 2004
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