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A Shiny Nickel is a sexual favor usually given by a girlfriend, wife, or an escort (prostitute). To give one a Shiny Nickel the female must first lather the males' anus with semen and vaginal fluid. Then she must "shine" his anus with her toungue until squeaky clean.
Man #1: How was that date last night?

Man #2: Amazing! After the movie she gave me Shiny Nickel in her Grandma's bedroom!

Man #1: Fucking Epic...
by Rusty Penny January 07, 2010
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What you can trade to a moron for anything in the world. Note: Use this method ONLY on morons and idiots! Otherwise, you won't enjoy what you get in return.
Example one: "I gave her a shiny nickel, and she gave me a blowjob!"

Example two: "I gave him a shiny nickel, and he gave me a 20 dollar bill!"

Example three: "I gave him a shiny nickel asking for a 20 dollar bill, and he gave me a blowjob in return. What the hell?"

Example four: "I gave her a shiny nickel asking for a blowjob, and she gave me a kick to the balls. I hope I can still have kids."
by That person...with the face... January 08, 2011
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