Shin Tsukimi (月見ツキミ 真シン, Tsukimi Shin?), better known as Sou Hiyori, is one of the 20 chosen to participate in the Death Game. He is a self-proclaimed job-hopper. Shin is canny and intelligent, but due to his suspicious nature, he has a habit of jumping to negative conclusions, especially in regards to Sara.

Credits to the Shin Tsukimi Wiki page.
Hey Mai, who's your favourite YTTD character?
OH! It obviously has to be Shin Tsukimi, ahah. I love him so much, you do not realise how many hours day I aspire to be just like Shin. I sit in my room and devise evil plans just like him and I will protect any Kanna kinnie. I also like to sit at my computer all day, JUST. LIKE. HIM. please help.
by shin tsukimi kin January 26, 2021
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omfg i want shin to marry me i want to be his wife and cook in his kitchen. idc if he hates me i will do anything and everything for this seggc man omg,, wait i hope i don’t get a copy of this in my email my parents have my email
omg shin tsukimi is so sexc!

ikr shin tsukimi is so cool!
by shin simp 😘 December 16, 2020
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A gay-ass rat who is too much of a coward to wear blue scarves than a stupid looking red one.
Wow, is that Sou Hiyori?
No, that's just his hamster, Shin Tsukimi.
by SekaiのHakaimono June 27, 2020
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a fictional character from the game YTTD

he's a bastard man. absolute trash bag. literally the worst
wears a stupid red scarf and looks homeless (he probably is). he wears a stupid fucking idiot beanie and is just a twink in general
i hate him
Shin Tsukimi is a stupid little bitch.

I hate Shin Tsukimi he is the worst.
by literallyshintsukimi October 16, 2020
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Shin tsukimi, also known as "rat" is one massive lair that is incredibly uwu.
With his power of sadness and trauma he will make it gameplay a whole fucking mess! U might fall for him, or u might just want to beat the shit out of him for what he did to Sara and joe~

Such an amazing character from yttd
Sara: sorry rat but I don't trust u
Rat: I have abilities fucking ruin it life even more
Rat: also bitch I'm traumatized and my name is shin tsukimi
by Massive M yo May 28, 2020
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I wanna kiss him so badly, hug him and then make him breakfast i don't care that he's alternative inteligence i love him so much omfg I WANNA KISS HIM EVERY AFTERNOON AND MORNING I WANNA CUDDLE WITH HIM
Ai shin tsukimi ? Damn that's my husband !
by Ai shin fanpage June 26, 2021
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Shin tsukimi-core is a trend centred around failing,being homeless,and dropping out of school.Shin tsukimi is a character known to be a failure in everything he does.
by Ultimate shin July 18, 2023
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