Shin Gouki made his first appearance during Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo. He canonically was the man responsible for Vega's (Known as M. Bison in North America.) death. Shin Gouki IS 'regular' Gouki, although he doesn't hold back any of his power. He typically is not at his all because he would normally outpower any opponent, strictly speaking in his Universe. During Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Rugal Bernstein pours his Orochi power to Gouki, who defeated him during a match after the winner was announced at the end of the Millennium Match 2001. Gouki, as a result of being tainted with the Orochi power is granted immense strength. His Shun-Goku-Satsu (Or Raging Demon)Super Art is given an enhancement in that it follows his opponent much faster and is also stronger. He also utilizes a new Super Art named the Misogi, which in his CPU form is a one hit kill move. The misogi begins with three copies of Gouki in his Taunt stance with a ghostly shade, and out of the top of his opponent comes Gouki with such a force that he can be compared to a meteor and strikes the opponent, i.e., if successful with his hand striking the opponent down the middle, after he lands the Misogi, he ends the move with the taunt he started out with. Besides the Misogi, Shin Gouki carries the ability to throw two Zankuu-Hadoukens at one time, and his Ashura-Senkuu(Teleport)Special Move is faster and as a result better in combat. His recovery time is also cut down when he executes any of his moves. Shin Gouki in Orochi terms does not exist canonically, not to imply that this version of him cannot exist, however the idea hasn't been implemented in his Universe.
ZOMG! I just got Pwn3d by the Misogi! Shin Gouki is too powerful d00d!
by Ivan Flores May 20, 2007
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Also known as Shin Akuma in America. He's the true form of Akuma/Gouki. He doesn't hold back anything, punches, kicks, Hadoukens, everything will be unleashed upon the player with unrivaled fury.
What example?
by Satsu Ryu November 25, 2003
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Secret character in the Capcom video game Street Fighter Alpha 2. Anybody who uses him is considered cheesy.
"Man would you stop fucking using those double air fireballs!"
by Bean April 1, 2003
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Is a demon that is known as "The absolute Master of The Fist". His most deadliest rival is Evil Ryu.
by Samurai Katsu August 28, 2003
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