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A special move *requires all gauges* done by Gouki aka Akuma from the Street Fighter in which he instantly teleports from his original position onto several feet above the victim's head region with a 1 hit killing slash coming down.

It was first introduced as a move where the player can actually use it. However, the technique has been shown before on earlier Street Fighter predecessors.

Shown when you meet the requirements to fight against Akuma. Initially, you get a intro scene against M.Bison but then afterwards you see a dark figure from the skies come crashing down with a karate chop slashing M.Bison from head to floor; killing him.
As my friend and i were playing Capcom vs. SNK 2, he nearly killed me until i executed Akuma's Misogi move on him which lead me to victory.
by zeusraodin July 30, 2005
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